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    PCSA, guidelines for public access.

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    Here you will find information on upcoming PCSA events.

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    Here you will find videos of interest added by PCSA members.

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    This is a public group, here you will be able to find out about currently and relevant PCSA news.

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    This group have been developing a surgical audit tool as well as post-op questionnaires to be used with patients for the purpose of quality improvement/control.

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    This group is aimed at collating discussions around the education for, and training of, doctors and medical students for skin surgery.

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    This group consists of members of the PCSA who volunteer to assist other members in acquiring the basic skills and knowledge required to perform Community Surgery. The members offer their advice and opportunities […]

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    Here you will find current and past PCSA newsletters.

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    A location for discussion of the diagnosis and management of Non Melanoma Skin Cancer.

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    Offers / deals on medical equipment. Join this group to keep updated on the latest offers being added here.

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    Here you will find media from past events.

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